We offer a broad range of repairs and adjustments to optimize your instrument and bow, and are here to advise you on the best approach to meet your specific needs. We perform the absolute highest quality of work, and our set up specifications are not only professional but rigorous in every detail. In addition, we are widely recognized for our techniques in soundpost adjusting, allowing musicians to work less and sound their best. We take pride in educating our clients on the best practices for maintaining the health of their instrument and bow.


Over our 40 year history we have restored some of the world’s finest instruments and bows. From machining specialized tools to developing cutting edge methods for unique restorations, we are among the nation’s leading workshops in string instrument and bow restoration techniques. Through meticulous attention to detail and well-planned execution, cracks disappear and bows come to life. Our highly skilled luthiers have trained at the best violin making schools in the country and are passionate about their craft.


If you are interested in selling your instrument or bow, we can help. Our comprehensive client and colleague base will ensure visibility to the right audience. After thorough evaluation we will perform any necessary adjustments, repairs, or restorations to ensure representation in the best playable condition. Our staff will communicate with potential buyers and maintain all details of the sale and consignment agreement. A minimum 6 month consignment period is required and commission fees are negotiated according to your particular instrument or bow and the current market.


At this time we do not offer instrument or bow appraisals or certificates. Depending upon your specific need, we may be able to recommend a colleague who does offer these services. Please contact us for more information.

Please schedule an appointment for maintenance, restoration, or consignment by booking through our Schedule an Appointment page, or sending an email to

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