Standard Series Violin Rental

Yearly Standard Series Violin Rental
Yearly Standard Series Violin Rental

Yearly Standard Series Violin Rental

The Standard Series rental violin is designed for the beginning to intermediate player of all ages. Each violin is setup and adjusted in our workshop by a professional luthier. The rental includes a case with suspension and backpack straps, a brazilwood or fiberglass bow, rosin, and microfiber polish cloth. The purchase price of a Standard Series violin is $650 for full size and $495 for 1/32 to 3/4 sizes. Shoulder rests are not included with the rental however many options are available for purchase through our online store.


Purchase Planning

You are accruing equity while renting a Triangle Strings instrument. 100% of the first year’s rental fee, plus 60% of all additional rent will go into your equity account and can be applied towards the purchase of a violin up to the list price of your rental instrument.

To ensure you have the right instrument throughout your playing career we also offer trade-ins. Please refer to our FAQ
page about our trade in policy for more information.


Insurance Policy

The renter will be responsible for our instrument, including theft or damage (reasonable wear excepted), until the instrument is returned unless the renter purchases the optional insurance at $3.00 per month.

Claims for stolen instruments must include a police report.
Insurance is not in effect during air or overseas travel, except with specific authorization.
We must perform or authorize all repairs.

Insurance covers broken instrument parts, broken bows, broken cases, replacement of broken and worn strings and maintenance such as closing the seams, adjusting pegs, adjusting the soundpost, etc.

Insurance will not cover theft from a motor vehicle, heat damage while in a motor vehicle, lost or intentionally damaged instruments, or damage incurred during return shipping to Triangle Strings.


Payment Policy

Rental fees are paid in advance through our paperless recurring billing program. Rental fees will be automatically charged to the credit card on file at the beginning of each rental period. We do not accept cash or check for rental fees. A reminder notification will be sent to your email on file two weeks before the beginning of the next rental period. This allows you to make any necessary changes to your account before being billed.

Refunds: The minimum rental is 3 months. If you rent for longer than 3 months, are on a quarterly contract, and terminate the rental before the expiration date/end of your term, we will refund any unused balance to your credit card. Annual contracts are not eligible for refund.


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