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Grafting a New Neck

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A neck graft is often necessary after a break in the neck, or as frequently occurs in cellos, a break at the neck heel. A neck graft may also be necessary to correct neck measurements, a poorly executed graft, or to modernize a baroque setup. This procedure involves removing any remaining neck pieces from the […]

Dressing A Violin Fingerboard

The fingerboard is under constant duress and is a part of the violin that needs occasional maintenance. Just like changing oil or replacing break pads on a vehicle, violin fingerboards are re-workable and replaceable. This article will cover the maintenance portion – planing of the board. Materials Needed label stickers curved sole block plane or apron plane small hammer nut knocker opening knife (dull knife […]

Fitting Pegs

Every instrument intended to be played needs a set of well-fit and properly functioning pegs. Otherwise, you cannot correctly tune the instrument. Here at Triangle Strings, even our standard rental instruments receive one of the two peg fitting techniques detailed in this article: fitting pegs into pre-drilled peg positions on a new instrument and fitting new […]