Replacing A Broken Tongue

As published in the IPCI Book. The following article describes a procedure we use in our shop to repair a broken tongue made of ebony. When this procedure is successfully completed, the grafted tongue will be as strong as the original and the repair will be virtually invisible. This procedure is not appropriate for tongues made of […]

Meet Your Maker – Joseph Grubaugh & Sigrun Seifert

2001 Brescian Model Viola, Size 16 1/4″   2009 Brescian Model Viola, Size 16 1/4″ Request an appointment to try these violas by filling out the form below. We offer free week-long trials of all instruments. We will return your inquiry within 1 business day.

Fitting Pegs

Every instrument intended to be played needs a set of well-fit and properly functioning pegs. Otherwise, you cannot correctly tune the instrument. Here at Triangle Strings, even our standard rental instruments receive one of the two peg fitting techniques detailed in this article: fitting pegs into pre-drilled peg positions on a new instrument and fitting new […]